Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Author of the Month: The Red Siren by M.L. Tyndall

M.L. Tyndall has done more for pirates than Johnny Depp ever dreamed of! Her heroines are always feisty and her heroes always strong, with a richness in her writing that simply cannot be topped! Aye, there be good reading here, me mateys!

"The Red Siren" is the first book in her new series, 'Charles Town Belles'. With such an excellent start, I cannot wait for the next book to release! Faith Westcott simply wants to provide for her sisters, saving them from arranged marriages and potential abuse.

The lengths she'll go to to provide may astound you. With whole-hearted devotion and a love of the sea, Faith proves herself a force to be reckoned with. Her long ago encounter with ship captain Dajon White will prove to be more than just memorable... may just be her undoing.

When his ship is overrun by pirates, Dajon joins the British Royal Navy and is bent on ridding the seas of pirates and especially seeks the red-haired female who took his final opportunity to succeed.

What will happen when Dajon realizes just who his watchful eye is watching over? Can the lies be overcome with truth, and how much trust will be lost when the truth comes out? Can he keep Faith falling into the hands of Sir Wilhelm Carteret--or from a fate far worse than that?

Sisters Grace and Hope are both handfuls to deal with as well. The love between the sisters is evident, and the loss of their mother has played a key role in the struggles each Westcott daughter faces.

Filled with drama and sprinkled with humor and wit, "The Red Siren" is again an excellent novel by M.L. Tyndall. Her passion for Christ and her love of the sea pour out of the pages of this new novel. We can look forward to many more great stories from this author...full of heart and full of hope.

I'm giving "The Red Siren" four out of five bookmarks, with a spyglass as a charm. Keep your focus on the horizon...more books to come on the port bow! Or something like that!

Happy Reading!


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