Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Against All Odds by Irene Hannon

The best way to get me to try a new suspense author is to have an endorsement by Dee Henderson on the cover! Irene Hannon's new series, "Heroes of Quanitco" is on par with the O'Malley novels by Dee Henderson and as good as Terri Blackstock's Up All Night Fiction.

To that I say "YAY"!

In "Against All Odds", Evan Cooper and his partner Mark Sanders are a two member team with Quanitco's Hostage Rescue Team, or HRT. Their normal assignments are stressful, but this new case could have them stretched beyond their finely tuned capabilities.

Diplomat David Callahan has just taken down a corrupt official in the new Afghani government, and it seems Tariq won't go quietly. Instead, he's taken three hostages and is threatening to kill them one by one if his demands aren't met.

And he doesn't expect his demands TO be met--he's knowledgeable on America's stance of non-negotiation. Which is why his next target is going to hit close to home for David...his estranged daughter, Monica.

When word reaches HRT headquarters, the best of the best receive this assignment: protect Monica Callahan at all costs. Are Coop and Mark up for the challenge? Can they convince Monica to listen to her father--a father she hasn't spoken with in years?

Is the HRT strong enough to shelter her from men who will do anything to achieve their goals? And is Coop's heart shielded enough from entanglements, or will he fall for his assignment, head over heels?

Irene knows her stuff--her detail is authentic and crisp. I've watched enough 'Criminal Minds' to recognize an author who does her homework! (I realize I'm basing that judgment on television--but I'd rather get my knowledge from there than from first hand knowledge!).

The characters sizzle with emotion and the story is full of twists and turns and surprises that will have you peering into corners in your own house, wondering who or what could be lurking there.

I cannot wait for the second book in what is promising to be a gripping, gotta-read-it series. My one and only complaint is that the ending seemed a bit rushed. I understand the need to wrap things up, but some of the final chapters could have been scattered throughout book two with nothing lost.

I'm giving "Against All Odds" four out of five bookmarks with a briefcase as a charm. But don't set it down and leave it unattended. You never know who might try to do what with it.

Happy Reading!


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