Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Someday List by Stacy Hawkins Adams

I read a multitude of genres, some I adore and some I just read for you who love them and want to know what's good. One genre I haven't read much in is the multi-cultural genre. I was afraid I just wouldn't "get it."

By "get it", I mean the cultural influences and undertones that enrich a story.

After reading "The Someday List" by Stacy Hawkins Adams, I not only know I get it, but that she delivers it well! The first book in her Jubilant Soul series has only made me hungry for more.

Rachelle Covington is a heroine that we all can relate to. Feeling stuck in her life and going nowhere, she leaves behind a 'perfect husband, home, marriage and family' to find that one piece that she needs to feel whole again.

Problem is, Rachelle isn't sure what she's searching for.

As she journeys back home to her roots in Jubilant, Texas, Rachelle returns to her past and encounters an unexpected person from days gone by. Can she find what she's searching for without losing what she has...and is it all worth hanging on to anyway?

So many are dissatisfied with their lives today, and are searching for that "one thing" to complete them. Just like Rachelle, they leave behind what they have to find what they don't have...only to come up empty and just as lost as when they started that "new journey".

When Rachelle receives the letter from a dear friend, that's all it takes to spur her on to moving forward instead of feeling stuck. Where she's going, not even she knows. But going she is!

Does Rachelle find what she needs? What she wants? Are they one and the same thing, or does God surprise her in the most spectacular of ways? Well, you'll just have to run out and get a copy of "The Someday List" to find out!

I've found a new author to fall in love with, and I'm certain you'll fall in love with Stacy Hawkins Adams and her wonderful cast of characters as well. I'm giving "The Someday List" five out of five bookmarks, with a piece of luggage as a charm...'s up to you whether it's full of treasures or trash. What's on YOUR someday list?

Happy Reading!



Ty said...

Cool! Deena, I'm so glad you read and enjoyed The Someday List.



Rhonda McKnight said...

Hi Deena,

Love the disclaimer. I come in peace.

I appreciate your honestly in saying you were concerned that you just wouldn't get it. I always wonder what white people think African Americans write about. I read white authors all the time and it never occurred to me that I just wouldn't get it. What exactly is the "it"? :o)

Glad you liked Stacy's book. You'll also love Sherri Lewis, Marilynn Griffith, Tia McCollors, Victoria Christopher Murray is a master.

Rhonda McKnight said...

Thanks for the clarification. Now I understand "it" completely. Hope I can send you a copy of Secrets and Lies in December.

Be blessed.

Rhonda McKnight