Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Final Winners From 2008!

We spent New Year's Eve with church family and got in EXTREMELY late last night--what fun we had! I learned a new card game that allows you to yell at everyone, so I relieved a TON of stress--even though I still don't know what the objective was!

While we were out, some giveaways came to an end at midnight. So, without any more blathering from me, here are my final winners for 2008:

Necklace charm from Eva Marie Everson's Author of the Month feature:

Mary @ Worthy2BePraised

Winner of "Only Nuns Change Habit Overnight":


Happy Reading!


1 comment:

Nise' said...

Oh shoot, now I have no excuse for not changing the bad habits I have! Just joking, I am thrilled to get all the help I can. Thank you so much! Happy New Year my friend!