Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Noah's Notebook by Allia Zobel Nolan

Since I am going to be a grandma soon, I'm on the lookout for good children's books for my grandson, Malakai. But when I find one that also enchants an adult, I'm certain I have a winner!

"Noah's Notebook" arrived from Harvest House on a day my sister was visiting. I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner, and next thing I knew, she had her nose buried in this book and was asking if she could keep it.

Written as a journal from Noah, the illustrations are so colorful and energetic they pop off the page. The writing is clever, witty and full of life. Any child (or adult) will find their imagination captivated by the story of Noah told in this style.

Allia, the author, said she wrote this storybook to celebrate our Biblical hero and ancestor, Noah. She does a beautiful job in "Noah's Notebook". Complete with a dedication page, this children's storybook is the perfect gift for a new mom or a young child on any occasion.

I can't wait to read it to little Malakai, and my sister wouldn't let it go! So I'll have to run out and get my OWN copy for my grandson...but I'll be reading it again and again until he gets here.

"Noah's Notebook" gets the Golden Bookmark for publishing excellence in children's books and I'm voting it "Best Picture Book of 2009".

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

Oh, I will HAVE to find a copy of this! We have two new cousins on the way, and this looks precious!!

Thanks for sharing!