Thursday, January 8, 2009

More On The Madera Mission Girls, Part Two

Good Afternoon, Bloggy Buddies,

I hope you're not getting weary of me chatting with you about these marvelous women. If you are, then please pray for a heart for them, because you'll miss out if you don't!

I've shared with them via mail about your response to my blog posts, and they are amazed at the love being shown to them. Remember, many of the 7 are new believers in Christ.

They come from lives of struggle and brokenness, so your demonstrations of love via sending books is a real boost to their faith. Some have had tragedy enter into their picture lately.

Many of the girls (I call them girls, but they are women!) lost loved ones during the holidays. Some are dealing with custody issues, and some are just lonely.

Your love through sending books is reaching out and making a HUGE difference. What may seem so small to you is so huge to them. Every package is received with enthusiasm and goes toward helping the director's dream of building a healthy library of good Christian books for the girls to read.

And they are devouring what you're sending! I keep putting together piles of my own, and they are reading up a storm. Keep in mind, this is reading done during FREE TIME--when they could be chatting, watching television/DVD's or sleeping.

In addition to their intense Bible studies, they have counseling, assignments, community projects, chores, and lots to keep them busy on their schedules. They are CHOOSING to use their spare time to read books that will build their faith and draw them closer to God.

I'll share next week about another author they have fallen in love with...and I think you'll be blessed just hearing about their story concerning this stay tuned.

And pray about sending books or donations. The books don't have to be new...they can come from your own collection, used book stores...anywhere. We just ask that they be in relatively good condition and Christian in nature.

Feel free to contact me at thedeena63 at hotmail dot com anytime!

Happy Reading!


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