Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone in a Heartbeat by David and Marie Works

If you judge without walking in another's shoes, you stay the same. But if you walk in another's shoes, you will not only refrain from judging--you'll be forever changed. That's what I've learned from reading so many biographies, and this one has impacted me greatly.

"Gone in a Heartbeat" tells the story of the New Life Church shooting on December 9, 2007. Two precious daughters, shot by a deranged killer with an agenda no one will ever fully comprehend.

David and Marie Works write a heart-wrenching story of life before and after the shooting, a moment in time that redefined their lives. Two of their girls, Rachel and Stephanie, died that day. One at the scene, and one later at the hospital.

David was critically wounded; Marie and the other two daughters, Grace and Laurie, survived but are forever changed. Not one detail of their lives before, during or after is overlooked.

You'll walk their faith journey early on as David and Marie met and began their family. You'll watch as they grow in their faith and settle in at New Life Church. David includes the heartbreak as Pastor Ted Haggard's story broke and what life was like at the church.

Then comes the fateful day...the day the gunman chose to take his revenge on the innocent at the church. You'll see the heroic, the tragic, and the fulfillment of God's calling on young lives and how giving your life to Him can change lives even after you're gone.

This is truly an amazing family--they would tell you they simply serve an amazing God. They attend an amazing church--again, the church would simply say "No, He's an amazing God."

Either way, this book is a true testimony of a life served in Christ, through Christ and for Christ, and what He can do with those who love Him mind, body, soul and strength. Skeptics, beware...this God we serve does amazing and awe-inspiring things.

"Gone in a Heartbeat" gets five out of five bookmarks from me with a bow and arrow as a charm. Read the book and you'll see why. Don't miss "Gone in a Heartbeat" from Tyndale...just keep the tissues handy.

Happy Reading!



Alyce said...

This sounds like it would be a really intense and emotional read.

JG Wang said...

Now that's a book! Wow. That would be a great read. I'll have to see if my library has it.

Kim said...

Oh Deena! These last two books you've posted sound very emotional but powerful! Thanks for sharing these!

Rebecca said...

I just came across this review as I was getting ready to write my own review of the book. I agree it is a very powerful story. Definitely a tear jerker. I actually knew the Works family years ago. That makes their story all the more real to me. Good review!