Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bedtime Bible Story Books by Sheila Walsh

I just found two of the sweetest bedtime Bible story books ever...both by one of my favorite people in the Christian industry!

"Sweet Dreams Princess" is for little girls, and is so gorgeous. Complete with a puffy pink diamond crown and pillow on the cover, this book is certain to make every little girl feel special.

This hard bound pink book is packed with stories from the Bible, devotionals and night time (or anytime) prayers. Each story is complete with Scripture references from the Holy Bible, which I urge parents to make use of. Show your little girls that these stories are truth from God's Word at the earliest of ages.

"Goodnight Warrior" is of course blue, with a cool glow in the dark cover (most definitely for boys!). It's also packed with Bible stories, complete with references, devotionals and prayers for your young mighty warrior. Each story illustrates a Bible truth that is then brought into practical application for your young man, along with a Bible promise he can cling to.

What I love about both books is their unique design and their personalized touch. The stories, devotionals and promises are addressed to each child in an intimate way, teaching your little ones that God loves THEM and is personal to each of us. Helping little ones know God's love early can save a lifetime of wandering and wondering.

I love well written, well packaged books like these for children. Whether you have little boys or little girls, help them realize their full potential in Christ as God's princess or God's warrior...and help build the Kingdom of God one child at a time.

I'm giving both books five out of five bookmarks, with a nightlight as a charm...hoping that your children will want to read these books over and over each night...and every day as well.

Happy Reading!



kalea_kane said...

How awesome! I love Sheila Walsh. I saw her this year at Women of Faith, and she is just incredible! Thank you for the review. :)

Kim said...

I love Sheila Walsh too. I've heard her at a Women of Faith meeting some years ago. It sounds like her books are as amazing as she is! Thanks for sharing these!