Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Reason for my blog....

...and for what I do online is found here. God can use anything we are willing to offer up to Him to reach those in need.

Because Brandilyn was faithful to His call on her life to write, this mother found not only enjoyment, but hope in the novels she read. Because of Brandilyn's generous offering of books, this mother found a friend.

And now, Katy has found an outlet to spread the word about the situation for the homeless in America that just may gain them a home and a chance to share the message of hope and of Jesus.

Information to donate for Liz and Katy is found on Brandilyn's blog. If you aren't following this amazing author, you just might want to begin following her now. I'm honored to call Brandilyn Collins my friend and my sister (in Christ).

What an amazing God we serve! And, hey...if everyone who reads this blog donates just $2.00, imagine the help we can provide for this mother and daughter. You can afford $2.00, right?

I'm off to make my donation now!

Happy Reading!


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shelburns said...

This is such a great story! Thank you for linking. I am inspired by this teenager and how she has fought through her situation, and by the mom's faith through it all. Bless you for your blog!