Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Otis, the Musical Owl by Joseph N. Chappelle


Sometimes, the message in a children's book is let your imagination soar. That's what you find in "Otis, the Musical Owl".

Found with what seemed to be a broken wing, Otis is transported by a loving family to an animal rehabilitation center. Not content to stay there, Otis soon flies the coop and hooks up with a menagerie of music loving critters.

As these normally sworn enemies band together to help Otis find his lost family (he was a lone baby owl when he was found), each discovers a unique trait--musical taste.

Now, Otis...he's a high-brow owl. Into classical music such as Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, you'll find him conducting his own orchestra with his wingtips. PeeWee, a field mouse...well, he's more into saving his own skin, and immediately offers his help to Owl Otis.

Soon a vast array of animals have banded together to reunite this musical owl with his missing family. Imaginative and clever, "Otis, the Musical Owl" would be excellent for home school families and will spark many, many activities that will delight all ages.

I'm giving "Otis, the Musical Owl" three out of five bookmarks with a conductor's wand as a charm. My only issue with the story was it's tell rather than show moments...but we all learn as we grow as authors, don't we?

Happy Reading!


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