Monday, December 1, 2008

December Author of the Month: Eva Marie Everson!!


Welcome to my third Author of the Month feature! I'm having a great time getting to know the people behind the books I love--I certainly hope you are as well.

This month we have a very special treat. Our author for December is Eva Marie Everson, a multi-genre author with a gift for drawing her readers into her stories and for tapping into a woman's heart.


I first discovered Eva's writing when I found a series of books she co-authored with friend and author Linda Evans Shepherd titled "The Potluck Club" . If you're a fan of women's group lit, try this series out. It comes with a delicious bonus--RECIPES!

Naturally, when I find an author I love, I correspond with him or her via email. Eva is so easy to chat with, and she and I struck up a virtual friendship. I was thrilled to get a peek at her latest and most magnificent work...

...which you'll get to see later on this month, if you haven't already! This unbelievable book is a genuine treasure, as is Eva. I hope you'll stick around for this month's features.

We've got some outstanding prizes you'll be able to win, a guest blog, and a lot of things planned. Plus, you'll have the chance to get to know the lovely lady behind the books...Eva Marie Everson! So stick around!

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

Looking forward to getting to know Eva Marie Everson! She is a "new to me" author.

Rel said...

Thanks Deena and Eva :)

This is going to be fun!

BousMama said...

She's a new to me author as well and I am also looking forward to learning more. Recently found your site and am having a blast looking through it.

BookRyder said...

Thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it. You brought up some points that I hadn't thought about. Thank you for commenting. It means more than I could tell you.

ForstRose said...

Oh boy another new-to-me author and the not so rabid Bibliophile's in my family are going to think I'm crazy adding to my already miles long wish list. I sure hope I can talk somebody in my family into a Barnes giftcard for the holidays to make a dent well ok maybe just a teeny nick in that list.