Sunday, December 7, 2008

25 Reviews of Christmas: Giver of Gifts by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt


After reading "My Mother's Wish", I knew that author's name rang a bell--and contrary to popular belief, I'm NOT a ding-a-ling!! What I am, though, is a nut for Christmas novels...


...hence my delight when I discovered this little book on my Christmas shelf! "Giver of Gifts" is three short stories about Christmas, written by my new favorite Christmas author, Jerry Camery-Hoggatt. His small town Christmas warmth shines through these pages.

As does his whimsical side:-)

First we have "When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four", a memoir of sorts about his mom--who in reality was four-foot-eleven. But get her back up, and she was a tower of strength who commanded respect. His telling of the biker on the front porch had me giggling for a few pages.

Second in this trio of tales is probably my least favorite of the bunch, which is really a shame considering the subject matter. The Christmas story, told from Joseph's point of view, is simply titled "Joseph's Son." Just because it's my least favorite, don't let that discourage you from hunting it down.

But the shining star atop this trilogy of stories is "Through A Glass Darkly". As Angie cleans up after her family's Christmas, she is filled with bitterness, hurt, and dark thoughts. But a surprise gift left mysteriously under the tree changes how she sees everything.

And the twist coming at the end will either have you grin from ear to ear, or use up an entire small box of tissues depending on your frame of mind when you read it. Either way, it's GOOD.

I'm giving "Giver of Gifts" four out of five bookmarks, with a silver backed mirror as a charm. Maybe if we took a good hard look at ourselves and our circumstances through God's eyes, we'd find more to celebrate than to whine about, eh?

Happy Reading!


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