Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw with Tom Douglas and Julia Denos


In an age where daddies are all too absent and little girls are looking for love in all the wrong age where fame is false and celebrity doesn't carry much weight anymore...

...this precious book is a breath of fresh air!

Tim McGraw, country music's leading man (married to country's First Lady, Faith Hill) has authored an adorable story perfect for fathers and daughters. "My Little Girl" is about a daughter spending the day with her daddy, doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing special.

They go to the co-op, they watch the clouds...and just spend time being together. While at first little Katie is a bit miffed that they aren't doing anything special, she soon learns that time with Daddy is as special as it needs to get.

Now, I'm fully aware that for some girls and women, this book may seem to bring pain. But picture God as Daddy and let Him dance with you, watch the clouds He created with you, and spend time with Him.

For daddies and daughters, there's a special place at the end to record some of your just so ordinary days spent together. What a treasured keepsake created by a man with three daughters and a wife of his own. I admire Tim and Faith so much, and now I love him for writing this book!

My sister-in-law is coveting this book, but I've got something special planned for it, so she'll just have to get in line. For now, I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks, with a pretty pink gel pen as a charm so you can record your OWN memories in the back!

Happy Reading!


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