Friday, November 28, 2008

Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend by Michelle McKinney Hammond


Few things excite me more than a new author to love...and I've found one! Michelle McKinney Hammond has been writing books for some time, but this is my first, and it's a fun and insightful read that will have you giggling on one page and nodding in understanding on the next.

"Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend" chronicles Michelle's journey to puppy ownership. That may sound trite to some, especially to those who don't care for hairy, four-legged beasts, but don't give up on this one just yet.

As a self-proclaimed commitment phobe, Michelle draws intriguing parallels between her journey to doggie momma and her walk with God. As Scripture says, all of creation declares the handiwork and majesty of God...

...even dogs!

I adored getting to know my sister better through this self-effacing memoir of puppy power and the power of God in a believer's life. Milan and Matisse are deliciously adorable, and you truly get to know them through Michelle's words. She is a true word artiste, and she almost makes me want to run out and get another pooch...despite my two already in house!

Something else I loved about "Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend" was the totally comraderie I felt with Michelle. Though we are from different walks of life--I'm married, she's single--I have two teens, she has two pups--I live in a rented and distintigrating house, she in a luxurious condo--we are the same.

We both are passionate about Jesus, long for more of the Spirit in our lives, and struggle daily with ourselves. She is the kind of author friend I could have coffee with and feel totally at ease, sharing our issues and praying over one another. My kind of soul sistah indeed.

If you've never read one of Michelle's books (she authors both non-fiction and fiction alike), this is a great place to begin. If you're already a fan, don't miss this fun and wisdom filled book.

I'm rating "Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend" five out of five bookmarks, with a doggy dish as a two pooches are Oreo Cookie (Rat Terrier) and Cocoa Bean (Chihuahua/Dashund mix--weird, I'm telling you!).

Happy Reading!


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ForstRose said...

Sounds like a great book. Have been wanting to check out some of her stuff for singles for awhile but many of her books are hard if not impossible to find through the traditional channels.

Reading your review of this book only makes me want to read her stuff more.