Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fall Into Fantasy Fiction Festival Featuring Wayne Thomas Batson--Day Two!!

It's late, but here's my promised post about Wayne Thomas Batson and his two incredible fantasy series'!

Fourteen-year-old Aidan Thomas thinks he's being watched. When ancient scrolls appear one day in his grandfather's basement, Aidan knows for sure. King Eliam of Alleble brings Aidan into the Realm where Glimpses dwell. There he discovers a dreadful secret—that each Glimpse being is a twin mortally connected to his human counterpart. Events that impact a Glimpse in The Realm will affect the lives of his twin on Earth. Aidan will face the ruthless armies of Paragor, an arduous journey across the Grimwalk, and the gigantic, serpentine creature, Falon the mortiwraith. His choices will rule the fate of two worlds.

My Thoughts: My son absolutely adores Wayne Thomas Batson's books! He loves the way the Bible is interwoven in the tales of fantasy and adventure, bringing the Word to life in a whole new way to him.

Pirates are a big thing in our household, especially since the Disney trio of motion pictures. So my son was also excited to see Mr. Batson's new series, now with two books out:

A wave crashes like the echo of cannon fire. A young lad awakens, salt water stinging sharply in the wounds gouged across his back. Alone and brutally injured, he has no memory of his past…not even his name. Within a small leather pouch lay his only clues: a sparkling green jewel, a lock of red hair, and a rusty iron cross. The lad's search will force him to come between two of the Caribbean's most notorious pirates.

Captain Bartholomew Thorne. His very name conjures horrific images: bodies tortured and heaped upon the shore, colonial settlements—once bustling with activity—now still, as the tide runs red, and looted passenger ships set ablaze and left to burn while sharks circle and wait. Captain Thorne's ruthless tactics put him on the trail of the one treasure that has eluded him. A treasure so immense that with it, Thorne would create a pirate fleet more powerful than any naval force in the world.

But standing in his way is Captain Declan Ross. An ex-privateer turned pirate, Ross seeks the one big score that will free him from the piracy business forever. His ship is battered, his half-starved crew is losing faith, and his headstrong daughter Anne wants desperately to be a pirate in spite of her father's wishes.

When a mysterious priest, rescued from a doomed monastery, claims to know the way to a legendary treasure, Ross begins a thousand mile journey—a race that will bring his crew, the lad with no name, and the infamous Capt. Thorne into the presence of riches that will change them all forever. Storms rage, a long dormant volcano awakens, and creatures of dark legend slither in the deep as the race begins for a cliff top castle on the Isle of Swords.

We're just working our way through the beginning of this intense but intriguing new series. Be watching for more reviews from Book Kid and Book Kid's Mom (me:-) in the new year.

To learn more about Wayne Thomas Batson and his books, visit The Door Within.

Happy Reading!



Lalycairn said...

I purchased the Door Within series for my 11 year old last Christmas. The entire family has read them now. We thought they were fantastic. I do like the underlying base of the message very much. I thought all the books were excellent. I'll be keeping a look out for these!

Kim said...

I need to check this author out for my boys! Thanks for this!