Sunday, November 2, 2008

But God by Phil Pringle


I have the COOLEST little book in my possession, and I'd love to share it with you, but not give it away! I'm just greedy like that sometimes...but it is totally cool.

"But God" by Phil Pringle takes the power of Scripture and adds a visual impact that is inescapable. His point is life will happen to us frequently, and then we'll read "but God" enters the picture...

...And all things change.

A VERY good thing!

Each section has a specific point: when you're feeling attacked, when you face enormous opposition, when your children are in danger...when you're vulnerable, when people curse you...

...the list is endless. I'm loving this book so, so much. If I can get an extra copy, I will most assuredly offer it as a giveaway.

Till then, I'm giving this the golden bookmark, with a world shaped golden tassel. I've yet to see a devotional/encouragement book that has impacted me as much as this precious book.

Happy Reading!


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