Sunday, November 30, 2008

Author of the Month: Summarizing Christy Barritt!

Here we are, at the end of a second "Author of the Month" feature. I know I'm having a great time getting to know the authors behind some of my favorite books--I hope you are as well.


Christy Barritt is fun, sweet, talented, and so passionately in love with Jesus. Her series may be about a wacky crime scene cleaner, but if you look deeper you'll find so much more.

You'll find characters to love. When you are in the middle of reading and start praying for someone who isn't real--that's just plain great writing. When your heart hurts for someone's unrequited love interest...and she isn't REAL--that's just plain wonderful characterization.

And when you want to weep at the thought of not getting to finish out a series you just happened to stumble over---that's some of the best cozy mystery writing out there. I don't know how much I helped Christy with my features...

...but I know she appreciates each and every email, comment, and book purchase we make. Visit her at her own blog (She finally did it! She joined the rest of us!) for updates on the progress of Gabby and Company.

Thanks for hanging in with me for this month. Be watching on December 1st for a NEW author to fall in love blog post at a time...

Happy Reading!



kalea_kane said...

Thank you, Deena. I am always looking for another author and charactor to love. :)



Deborah said...

hey deena, not sure if you saw my tweet but i got to meet christy over the weekend at a book signing in my hometown! she was super nice and we even talked about you!

Rel said...

Thanks Christy and Deena :) It's been fun :)