Sunday, November 2, 2008

Author of the Month: Interview with Christy Barritt!

Christy is just one of the sweetest people in the publishing world! I can't get enough of her books, nor of time with her. She graciously agreed to allow me to interview her; now it's my turn to introduce you to one of the most unique voices in cozy fiction today, Christy Barritt:

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m the mother of a two-year-old and am married to a teacher and youth minister. We live on the east coast of Virginia. I love stories—all kinds, whether told through books, songs, movies or people. I’m one of those naturally curious people who always gets myself in trouble. Oh yeah, and I’m a reporter for my local newspaper where that “curiosity” helps me to pay the bills. 

2) What was the moment like when you first saw your book on the shelf in the bookstores?

It was pretty exciting and surreal. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was young enough to write. And there were so many seasons in my life where I wondered if I would ever get published or if being a novelist was just a crazy dream. Seeing my books at Barnes and Noble for the first time made everything feel very real and exciting. I still get excited to find my books in bookstores. And you know I just have to look wherever I go!

3) Everyone has a story to tell. What's the story you long to tell your readers each time they pick up one of your books?

I want to encourage people to be real. I think, as Christians, oftentimes we feel we have to put on masks to make people believe we’re such great people of faith. We hide the ugly parts of our lives for fear of what people will think. We don’t talk about hard subjects because we don’t want to reveal too much of ourselves. I want to encourage people to pull off their masks and show people who they really are. I hope that comes through in my books.

4) Gabby is a quirky and loveable character. How'd she come to life, and how much of you is in her?

How Gabby came to life is a great question. I got the idea to make my protagonist a crime scene cleaner after interviewing a real life one. I thought, what a great character for a mystery novel. As far as Gabby’s personality, I always like off-the-wall characters. My favorite books have characters who are anything but vanilla. I did give Gabby my love of music, but I’m nowhere near as outspoken as she is.

5) Share about your latest project, "Suspicious Minds".

In Suspicious Minds, crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire takes a mold remediation job to make ends meet. While in the crawlspace of a dilapidated old house, she finds Elvis—dead and still wearing his blue suede shoes! Gabby can’t resist sticking her nose into another investigation. Along the way, she tries to figure out her love life, her spiritual life and the wacky world of Elvis impersonators!

6) You have a few loose ends in this one, my dear friend. Are we tying them up soon, and how?

I’m glad you asked. I’d love to tie up the loose ends with the third and final book in the series, Organized Grime. However, that book won’t be published unless my sales number increase! So, if you liked Hazardous Duty and if Suspicious Minds sounds interesting to you, please go get a copy! Get copies for your friends, for Christmas presents, just for the fun of it. Help save the Squeaky Clean series!

7) Any sneak peeks at your other writings?

I have several other projects I’m working on. One is a series called the Suburban Sleuth series, which centers around a homeowner’s association in suburbia and all the nuances that come with living in a middle-class neighborhood. The first book is called Death of the Couch Potato’s Wife. I hope to have more information on that series to share soon.

8) When it comes to writing, where do you go for your inspiration?

So many places really. I have a great imagination. Just ask my husband who often, at my request, has to go check out the things that go bump in the night. I like watching people and get a lot of inspiration from them. When I’m stuck creatively it helps me to read a great book or watch an inspiring movie. Sometimes, I’m inspired by my dreams. I’m one of those people who has really vivid and weird dreams. Thankfully, I can use them for something.

9) Any closing thoughts for my readers?

I want to thank all of my loyal readers. Your emails of encouragement have meant so much to me. What a blessing! You’ve really helped the series come to life for me. I always say, “What’s a story without someone to share it with?” Thanks for letting me share with you.

Thanks, Christy! Now, there's ONE way and ONE way only we can save this series...and that's BUY THE BOOKS. Be watching for my trivia contest for "Suspicious Minds" coming soon, with GREAT and UNIQUE prizes to win!!

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

Great interview. I just got Suspicious Minds, but it sound like I need to read Hazardous Duty first, yes?

Rel said...

Loved Hazardous Duty and about to read Suspicious Minds!

Fun interview, Christy and Deena :)