Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Through The Storm by Lynne Spears with Lorilee Craker


Normally, I avoid controversy. It makes my stomach hurt.

But I was so curious about this particular release, I went ahead and took a chance. Thankfully, I read it before I Google searched my cover image...because I'm wondering if all of these 'famous' reviewers have read the same book I just read!

Instead of reviewing the book, let me tell you what I saw:

I saw a mom's heart. A woman who desires to have her family whole, happy, and serving God and their purpose in this world.

I saw the brutality of the entertainment industry and how it chews people up and spits them out. How innocence is lost so quickly and how easily we can think we know people and find out we really don't.

I learned how important faith truly is to Lynne, and how she prays for her prodigal daughter to return to her roots. How much she has hurt over her daughters' choices and out of control behavior, and how much she has wrestled with telling this story.

Want to know the Spears family from a real source? Pick up a copy of "Through the Storm", and you may never glance at media headlines the same way again. Now, she could be totally snowing me; only God truly knows.

But I know Thomas Nelson. I may not always agree with them; I may not always like the books the publish--but I trust them to get the story straight, or to not give the story at all.

So, read Lynne's book. I really think you should. I'm glad I did. Now, I know how to pray for her and for her family. And isn't that what we're all about, anyway? Faith and family?

I'm giving "Through the Storm" four out of five bookmarks, with a microscope as a charm...but don't bother looking through it--I broke it.

Happy Reading!



blueviolet said...

At first I took a dislike to her because I thought she must be a terrible mother but as she did the talk show circuit for this book, I softened up and realized that she, like the rest of us, is only human. I think this book would be a good one.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

One of my sister's name(s) is Lynne. I always see people spelling it Lynn or Lyn. It is so nice to see it as Lynne. It just seems so much more natural to me. *grin*