Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality by Jim Burns


This is every parent's dream book! For those who want to instruct their children about sexuality God's way, but don't feel equipped (or know for sure they are), Jim Burns has authored the book to educate not only our kids, but parents.

Building from the premise that most of us never had the proper teaching from our own parents, Jim starts at the root of today's sexuality issues--lacking a Biblical perspective.

He continues from that foundation with actually questions from teens, many Christian teens, that he fields at all of his teaching sessions and conferences. Some may raise your eyebrows...and that's a GOOD thing!

Church, parents, family--our kids need to hear the TRUTH about sexuality from US--not peers, not teachers, not the media--US. And Jim's book equips us to teach them properly from the ground up.

He features chapters such as "Helping Your Kids Set Standards" (one of the best I've read to date!), "Sexual Abuse: Prevention and Help" and "Dealing With Your Own Sexuality".

He ends the book with some discussion starters that I plan on using with my own children. Some conversations brought to light areas where I've neglected to instruct my own kids, and we're open and frank about sexuality in our home--primarily due to the lack of openness in our homes growing up.

I highly recommend Jim's book to any parents or Christian educators--you may not agree with everything in it, but you most definitely need to read it! I'm rating "Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality" five out of five and giving it a hanky as a charm--in case you blush!

Happy Reading!


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