Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Tour with For Young Men Only by Jeff Feldhaun and Eric Rice: Guest Blog Interview with my Son, Book Kid!


Deena (aka Mom): So, Book Kid, thanks for helping out by giving me your perspective on this book.

Book Kid: You're welcome.

Deena: In a nutshell, can you tell my readers what "For Young Men Only" is about?

Book Kid: It's about teenaged guys really understanding what's up with their friends or their girlfriends...or just girls in general.

Deena: How accurate did you find the book?

Book Kid: It was very true to life from the guy's point of view. From the girl's...I suppose it's true, too! I've asked a lot of girls if stuff in the book is true, and most of them have said yes. My sister says it's not, but she's my SISTER! (Don't put that in there? Did you put that in there?)

Deena: Yes.

Book Kid: And why did you?

Deena: Because. Now, what's one thing you learned by reading the book that you didn't know?

Book Kid: The whole book is something I didn't know!

Deena: Could you be a bit more specific??

Book Kid: Well, okaaay. How girls don't like "jocks" but like guys who have inner qualities. Pretty much your average joe.

Deena: How has reading "For Young Men Only" changed the way you view girls?

Book Kid: That they are WAY more complicated than I thought!

Deena: So, are you avoiding girls now?

Book Kid: No.

Deena: Did the book help you at all in your personal life?

Book Kid: Yes. It helped me understand why past friendships didn't work out (Thanks for wording it that way, Mom!)

Deena: Could you share one more thing you learned from reading this book?

Book Kid: That any teenaged boy needs to read this book. And this is NOT a book on how to pick up chicks, like my friends' say. It's a book on how to UNDERSTAND chicks. I love you, gotta go!

Thanks Book Kid. I love you, too!

You can find Book Kid (sometimes!) on the web at his OWN review blog, Book Kid Reviews!

Happy Reading!



Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Deena, this is a great interview! It sounds like you've got a great kid, too! Good job, Book Kid!

Bookish Ruth said...

Awesome interview! I read For Women Only and found it to be very eye-opening. I'm really pleased that there's a version aimed at younger readers!

Kim said...

Awwww!! I love it that you and your son discussed this! I actually wanted to do this with my 15-year-old, but he just looked at the book, blushed and told me he'd read it when he got older. In other words....Ewwwwww!!!

I loved it though, and I'll try again to get him to read it!