Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 Books in 30 days follow-up:

Well, last month was fun! I love giving away books and goodies!

I've heard from LOTS of winners, but a few still haven't emailed me.

I'm leaving the winning links up until October 31st, so tell your friends to see if they've won.

If you still haven't received your prize, I'm still mailing out...have to do it in spurts so hubby doesn't have a coronary over $$:-)

Thanks to all who've donated for postage...what a BLESSING you've been!

If you haven't rec'd your prize or a confirmation email from me that it's been sent by October 31st, EMAIL ME. I won't be offended:-)

We've dropped down in guests by about 100, but that's fine! And we've only lost one subscriber, which I completely understand. So, it's ALL GOOD!

And a GREAT TREAT is in the works for November/December, which will involve another TON OF GIVEAWAYS!

So keep watching...I'm in a giving frame of mind, y'all!!

Happy Reading!


1 comment:

SmilingSally said...

I just received my copy of The Shack today. Thank you so much.