Saturday, October 11, 2008

200 Pomegranates and An Audience of One by Shawn Wood


Quick question: does God ever frustrate you, or is it just me? See, I just want to get my books read and post my reviews. I feel overwhelmed, over-emotional, and wrung out.

Quite frankly, this morning I was done. Finished. No more books. No more reviews. No more pastor's wife. No more home school. No more anything.

Just done.

The God showed up, like He always does. Waiting until I'm at the end of myself and my abilities to withstand or to survive, He showed up, book in hand, and said "Read this."

Within the first few pages, I was frustrated at Him. Not only could I not QUIT, I had to acknowledge first hand knowledge of the message contained in this powerful, short book.

"200 Pomegranates and An Audience of One" is a book I stumbled over on one of my lurking afternoons. It took months to get here, and I'd completely forgotten I'd asked for a copy. Funny how God does that to me.

Shawn Wood tells the story of a little known and barely recognized Biblical figure in the Old Testament. The story is found in I Kings 7:15-17, 20-21, and 22 (did you REALLY think I was going to just TELL you? Look it up--it's good for you!). And it really isn't much of a story.

Until you read Shawn's book.

We struggle just to survive in today's mean spirited and highly charged world. Does anyone even know I'm here? Why am I here? What difference can I make just as ME?

I tease my kids that I'm famous (because of my blog) but no one really knows I exist. THEY however don't get that, and are forever telling people about me. About the one thing I'm great at.

This. What I'm doing right now.

And Shawn's book gives value to the one thing you do that you work to become great at. Even if only One person ever notices it. Even if One life is all that is moved by what you do.

Even if it's 34 feet up where no one will think to matters. It's noticed. And you're important. Who doesn't want to read a message like that? Shawn has written a book that has restored my hope not just in my blog...

...God is using it to restore hope to my life. Period. (And no comments on what I just said, please? I gave God all credit for Shawn and his book's influence in my life!).

This is the kind of book I want to buy by the case, keep in my car, and hand out as the Spirit moves me. The kind of book I could go broke giving away. Shawn Wood is the kind of author I will be tracking and staying in touch with through his writing for a very, very long time.

In his book, Shawn prayed a prayer...that "200 Pomegranates and An Audience of One" would reach just the right person at just the right time. His prayer--answered today at least. Most likely answered many, many times over.

Each of the five chapters focuses on one aspect of this Biblical character, drawing from other passages of Scripture to give more richness and depth to the points being made. Shawn also includes an Artist Profile (have tissues handy!) and closing questions for the artist in you.

I have one more reason I loved this book and this author:

He practices what he preaches. He's great at writing...and he excels at his craft.
So don't miss this need it. Trust me.

I know.

I'm giving "200 Pomegranates and An Audience of One" the golden bookmark (although, it really should be bronze, right, Shawn?), with a golden tassel for excellence in writing.

I'm also voting it "Best Christian Living title of 2008". This book ranks in my top five "Do Not Miss This" reads of my lifetime.'s that good.

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful that God never leaves us where we are - whether the highest of highs or the lowest of lows - but always calls us further, closer to Him no matter what. Your testimony has me praising the Lord this morning. :-)

Thanks again for adding me on Facebook!