Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winners of Days #21-29!!

So sorry...lunch turned into a meeting at school, which turned into a job interview (yeah, I'm having to work again), which turned into this and that and...

What? The winners?

Oh, my bad!

Here are the winners for book drawings from Day#21-29:

Day #21--The Shack

Smiling Sal, Tara, and Anna Weaver!!

Day #22--Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage


Day #23--When The Soul Mends

Lisa, Marilyn and Holly!!'

Day #24--Lessons From The Road


Day #25--The Rook

Mary (Worthy2BPraised)

Day #26--The Shape of Mercy


Day #27--If God Disappears

Jennifer & BlueViolet

Day #28--Act Two

Lindsey, Abi, & ForstRose!!

Day #29--With Endless Sight

Brittanie, Ruth, Alyce, & StoneFox!!!!!!

Can you believe I was going to wait and draw ALL THE NAMES FROM Day #1-#29 originally on the SAME DAY!! Thank You, God for saving me from my weird-o self:-)

For the winners...send me your mailing information asap: thedeena63 at hotmail dot com.

NOW, the biggie is posted...comments are open until October 7th!!

Happy Reading!


P.S. Please be patient with me on mailings. I've got a budget and my hubby is being EXTRA generous with me for this event:-)


Dina said...

1st time here and my name is Dina too. :)

Tarasview said...

YAY!!!! Yahoo for me!!!

You rock girl.

I will send you my mailing address asap- I have been wanting to read the Shack since I first heard about it!

And I TOTALLY understand about shipping. Take your time. I only ship a fraction of what you do and it costs a fortune!

Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Thanks so much!! I was so kicking myself for missing this one! Umm, I sent an email to you but it bounced. Do you want to drop me a line with your phone number? Then I can call you with my address. Not sure how to get it to you without posting it here for all the world to see :).

jennifer at quiverfullfamily dot com

Smilingsal said...

I just saw that I won. Thank you. My info is on the way in an email.