Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Tour With "Generation Hex": Exclusive Interview, Part Two!


Yesterday, I introduced you to author Dillon Burroughs and shared his responses to my interview questions. Again, I found him delightful and compassionate, the kind of role model I want for my children and for myself.

Today, as I present part two of my interview, this time with co-author Marla, again I see a sweet spirit in her that I would love my daughter to model in her own life. So, I present to you Marla Alupoaicei:


1) You two had to deal with some heavy stuff in your research. What personal concerns did you have while doing your research for this book/topic?

We did have to deal with some "heavy stuff!" My primary concern was about spiritual warfare. Second was the safety of my family. However, as Dillon and I began to do research, I realized that many of my fears about Wicca and its adherents were unfounded. My husband and I did experience some intense spiritual warfare, though, as I worked on the book. I feel that Satan really tried to attack our marriage for a period of time. But we refused to let him have the victory in our lives! Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

2) As you gathered your information for "Generation Hex", what was in the forefront of your hearts? What was the ultimate goal of the book?

Dillon and I sought to take a radically different approach to this book than other Christian authors have done with their books about Harry Potter, witchcraft and related topics. We created open dialogue with Wiccans and pagans for the purpose of discovering who they are, what they believe, what makes them tick, and what has caused them to choose to follow a witchcraft-based religious system. This gave us deeper insight into our subject matter and helped us build relationships for the purpose of helping Wiccans come to faith in Jesus Christ.

3) As parents, tell us one thing we can do for our children, teens and young adults in our families or spheres of influence concerning this information.

As parents, teachers and youth leaders, we need to be informed about Wicca. We also must realize that the Bible commands us to "Guard our hearts." For a little over five bucks, you can purchase Generation Hex and discover a world of truth about how today's youth are living and how you can relate to them and share your faith with them. I consider that to be a fantastic investment! Parents are the guardians of their children's lives. They should be reading what their kids are reading, reviewing games and movies to see what the content is, knowing who their kids' friends are, and so on. Witchcraft and witchcraft-related media are NOT harmless. Period.

4) Usually, when an author tackles such a spiritual topic we hear stories of warfare taking place in and around them. Did you two battle differently in any way?

I did. In some ways, though, I didn't face as much spiritual warfare as I thought I would. In other ways, I faced more. (Funny how Satan works that way!) For me, the main points of concern have been Satan's attacks on our marriage and facing discouragement and stress at times. But, in other ways, that's just the life of an author! So I just keep pressing on toward the goal!

5) How can the church help in educating parents, leadership, and young people concerning Wicca?

The church should be at the forefront of our culture when it comes to addressing current spiritual trends and needs. But we knew that not enough was being taught about Wicca and other pagan religions. So we wrote Generation Hex to provide a single, easy-to-read and well-researched resource to help parents and youth leaders, as well as Wiccans and pagans, understand both the pagan and the Christian belief systems. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be informed about this powerful spiritual and cultural trend toward witchcraft and other forms of pagan spirituality. If we aren't educated with the truth, our hands are tied when it comes to being an effective force for the Lord in our generation.

So, there you have it. An excellent book filled with knowledge, first hand accounts, and compassion bathing every word. I encourage you to add this book to your personal library, especially if you're raising children or working in ministry with them.

Happy Reading!



John W. Morehead said...

Oh, my goodness. If the authors attempted to take a radically different to Harry Potter, witchcrat and other allegedly related topics then somehow it didn't come through in their book. As my review discusses, while the authors are well intentioned, their book misses the mark and repeats much of the sensationalism and stereotypes of Wicca. Evangelicals can do better in their understanding of this spirituality.

mark said...

Sorry John, but you are incorrect. Again.
Not only did the authors bypass the hysterical garbage that I have endured for years from the christian presses, they did so with compassion and an eye for the salvation of my people.
Mark Bishop
Coracle Ministries

Deena Peterson said...

Well, John...then I guess you would have better used your time reading my review rather than just commenting on this interview;-)

Kristin said...

Hey, Deena! It's Kristin! We are going to be chatting with Dillon and Marla at, a family-friendly bookstore, about "Generation Hex," on Wednesday, Sept. 17 from 2-3 p.m. EDT. Please join us if you can at!

Anonymous said...

Dear Deena and Friends,

Thank you so much for your kind comments about Generation Hex and about our open and compassionate approach to the topic of Wicca. Mark, I appreciate your words more than you know. As a former pagan, you understand that we have chosen to take the high road and present a loving evangelical perspective that we feel best reflects the heart of God for His people. He doesn't want anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. Thank you all for your support and prayers. If you haven't yet read Generation Hex, please take the time to read it! We appreciate your comments.


Marla Alupoaicei
Author, Generation Hex