Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking Up When Life Is Looking Down by Beth Moore

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Sometimes when we're in the midst of a crisis of faith, the last thing we want to do is read a book. Any book. And if it's a thick book with a lot of words...well, we just can't handle it.

That's what makes this particular book so special. Filled with uplifting images and pertinent excerpts from Beth Moore's best selling book "Get Out Of That Pit!", this gift edition is perfect for someone who is struggling with pit dwelling.

"Looking Up When Life Is Looking Down" takes the highlights of Beth's writing and pours them into this easy to read format. Quotes, Scriptures and portions of her wisdom gleaned from years of Biblical study are packaged for a hurting soul...and this book reads like healing balm.

"Looking Up..." includes Beth's analysis of a pit, the ways a person can get into a pit, and Praise God!--how a person can get OUT of a pit. Let's face IS hard.

But God is Oh, SO good! And He IS mighty to save! Beth's book illustrates that point beautifully. From color choices, to quotes, to excerpts, to Scripture selections...a person cannot escape being blessed by this carefully crafted gift edition.

I'm giving "Looking Up When Life Is Looking Down" five out of five bookmarks with a sunflower as a charm. Do you know someone who is struggling with life right now? Is that someone you? Then make it a point to get a copy of this wonderful book.

And keep it handy...because the world is full of pits...and you just might find yourself in one. Let God use Beth's book to help you out of your own pit living today.

Happy Reading!



CherryBlossomMJ said...

I've never read a Beth Moore book, but this sounds like something I "need". Thanks for sharing your review.


Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I think God is the only one who can get us out of the pits.

Deena Peterson said...

...which is why I said "Let God use Beth's book to help you out of your own pit living today."