Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lessons From The Road by Nigel James (W/Third Day)


I can remember a Fall evening in Redding, California. First time we'd left our infant son and gone out for the night, we drove over 3 hours north to attend a Christian concert event.

The featured band is no longer together...neither is the second band on the tour that night. But then this little known band took the stage and captivated me with their intensity, their sincerity, and their obvious love for Jesus.

Didn't hurt that they ROCKED hard, either:-) Oh, the band? Third Day. The lead singer? Mac Powell (he may have been blonde back then...memory is a little fuzzy).

And today, the same group has the same zeal, the same passion, the same lead singer...and the same love for Jesus. They're just a little more well known now! That was over 14 years ago.

How can a group keep it together for 14 years on the road? The answers, at least some of them, are found in this book: "Lessons From The Road" by Nigel James.

In it, Nigel reveals some of the thoughts and insights from his travels as Third Day's accountability minister. Filled with devotionals, memories and snippets from their travels together, Nigel's book is so much more than one glance reveals.

It shows their heart. It shows their character. It reveals weaknesses, and it reveals strengths. Basically, it pulls the group out of the celebrity spotlight, and shows them all to be incredibly gifted men of God with feet of clay, working out their salvation with fear and trembling just as all of us do.

We just do it without the spotlights on us!

I enjoyed getting to know that little group who was third on the playlist that night in the Fall. They captivated me then; they still do today. It thrills my heart to see men serving God in the front of an audience and doing so with integrity and grit.

Enjoy Nigel's book. Get to know the band behind the music. When the music fades, and all is stripped away...that's what "Lessons From The Road" is really all about. I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, with a guitar pick and a drumstick as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

When I signed up for this tour, I didn't even know who Third Day was! I'm so behind!

Anyway, after I read the book, there is no doubt that Nigel James is doing exactly what God has asked him to do! It's a terrific book!