Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Life by Luann Dunnuck


Looking for a little pick me up to boost your spirits and spark some creative energy? Then Luann Dunnuck's book is a good prescription for the "life's got you down" blues!

Filled with devotional thoughts and recipes, "Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Life" is a light, refreshing reading experience. Great to keep with you on your night side table for some bedtime reading, Luann's book is inspiring and packed with encouragement on speaking positive thoughts and those things that uplift us.

Her recipes do tend to lean a little heavy on the calorie-rich side, but don't let that stop you! Sometimes a woman needs a little chocolate in her life:-) Luann quotes Scripture that will point the way to a more positive outlook in your life.

Luann doesn't shy away from using her personal experiences, either. One who has walked the journey has authority to speak--that's my philosophy, and I'm in kindred shoes with Luann!

My only concern is "the power within" language that I find in here. While I'm a little leery of that kind of thing, I know exactly what she's leading toward. Others might see it a bit different, however, so use wisdom in who to give a copy to.

You won't find any deep, theological thinking in this book. But for light and restorative reading with a Biblical slant, "Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Life" is a treat. I, myself, bought it for the recipes (which I will most likely never try!).

I'm giving this one three out of five bookmarks with a cherry as a charm. Even in the gift book genre, I'm looking for something a bit more meatier...but the packaging is adorable!

Happy Reading!


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naida said...

sounds like a great one, and I like the cover too.