Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Brief Update....


We are at the midway point in our "30 Books in 30 Days" giveaway. So far, 80 bloggers have swiped my button and posted on their blogs! So the contest for that $30.00 gift certificate to anywhere bookish is hotly contested:-) Thanks for your support!

Also, many winners have not contacted me. If you know a blogger who's won, make sure they stop by to check the winners' posts that are listed in my sidebar.

One last thing. On September 30th, I'm posting the most GINORMOUS book giveaway ever held at My Bookshelf. Included in this offering is a HUGE book that is my ALL TIME FAVORITE READ. But, wait...there's more!

For every 1,000 hits over 30,000 we reach here at My Bookshelf, I'm throwing another book into the box. Thus far, we're up to nearly 9 BONUS BOOKS!!! If we hit over 40,000...that's 10 BONUS BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that, huh???

But I want more than just you faithful readers to benefit from the generosity of my publishing and author friends...let's get more readers over to My Bookshelf. There's some GREAT reading out there...and it's being overlooked.

In fact, I'm starting a NEW PROJECT IN OCTOBER that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!!!!!!!!!!!

So, spread the word. It's not too late to grab the logo and post on the original post that you posted LOL!!

Email me if you need the code:-)

More giveaways are coming....30 Books in 30 do I do it?? With Wonderful Reading Friends Like YOU!!

Happy Reading!


We now return you to your regular blog reading:-)


Stephanie said...

Do you realize how exciting you are making this month? Yay!

Deena said...

Aw, Stephanie, it's not's all of YOU!!! I'm just giving back what you've all given ME:-) Love ya!

Jena said...

ummm... thought you'd like to know: I don't think the link for the first week's winners works like it should--it keeps taking me back to

ReadingRobin said...

Deena ~ How do you get ALL these books to give away? You are amazing, looking at your lists of hats you wear, do you ever sleep!
Hope you are feeling better!
With Love,