Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayer Requested...

A dear family in our church is battling cancer for the second time. One year ago, their only son was diagnosed with cancerous tumors on his cervical spine and mid spinal column.

The tumors were removed, and he underwent chemo and radiation. Just months after he began to recover, he began experiencing severe back and neck spasms.

Last week, he was hospitalized for tests and pain management. We received word late tonight that he will be undergoing surgery to remove a mass that was detected via an MRI.

We do not know if this is a cancerous tumor--it is located just below the tumor they removed a year ago. If it is cancer, radiation is no longer an option due to the delicate nature of the area affected.

Just a couple of months ago, he stood before our church and gave God thanks and glory for his cancer. He had begun witnessing to the men at the gym where he worked out, and was thinking of pursuing a career in rehabilitative physical therapy for cancer patients.

Please pray. His surgery begins at 7 AM Pacific Coast Time, and his spirits are low at the thought of more surgery and treatment. He fears he will not survive. The enemy has him low, and his parents, while trusting in God, are understandable befuddled at this recent event.

I know my book buddies are prayer warriors. Please hit your knees for the Herr family. Any comments left here will be forwarded to the family somehow.

Thanks, dear friends.



Glenda said...

Praying for the family now all the way from Australia, I pray he wil be totally restored, God is good.

Rel said...
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Rel said...

Hey, that deleted comment was just me and bad spelling!

Praying for that precious family, Deena :) Please pass on my love and encouragement from Down Under too.

Karen said...

Lifting them up in prayer this morning.


Vader's Mom said...

They are all in my thoughts and prayers. Additional prayers for his spirt - that it may be uplifted and encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Cancer knows no boundaries. Will certainly lift this family up in prayer! So glad you can share this request with so many!

Hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I read this just after the surgery was scheduled to start. I have already started praying and will continue to do so! May God give strength and be glorified again through this trial. He will be strong even when you cannot, so keep holding onto Him!

Camy Tang said...

I'm praying!

Kim said...

I will also be praying! It is so hard when a child is involved. I know this young man is probably teens or early twenties based on your description, but oh how my heart breaks for his parents! I pray God will lift his spirits as he faces this new battle!

Keep us posted!


Crystal M. said...

Cancer has touched so many... our thoughts and prayers go out to this family.
~Crystal M.