Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Not Crazy, But I Might Be A Carrier by Charles Marshall


Finally, some blessed relief from life's stresses, and a few healthy belly laughs along the way! Fair warning, though: don't attempt to read this when your husband is trying to get some sleep:-)

Charles Marshall is funny...snort-your-drink, hold-your-stomach, wipe-your-eyes funny. But his humor is unique...he always draws you back to Scripture and makes a point that warms the heart as well as the funny-bone.

His book is written in devotional style, with short chapters and sections with titles like "Delusional Obssessions", "He-Manic Depressive Behavior", and "Criminally Inane".

His description of chihuahuas had me rolling from page one (I have a part chihuahua/part dauschund--that's a joke in itself:-). His book is like AM/PM--there's just so much good stuff!

I lost count of how many times I thought or said, "Oh, I gotta share this with someone!" That's always the sign of a good book...well, maybe not always, but in this case...YES!

Life getting you down lately? Too much bad news for you? Struggling to find your joy? Let God use Charles Marshall to give you His joy, along with some good, hearty laughter and chuckles.

I'm giving "I'm Not Crazy..." five out of five bookmarks, with a tissue for the tears that may just start rolling from the moment you open the pages!

Happy Reading!


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