Tuesday, August 12, 2008

House of Wolves by Matt Bronleewe


Matt Bronleewe drives me NUTS with his style of writing! He leaves a trail of literary bread crumbs that creates an insatiable appetite for more. Fortunately, he has a tendence to write short chapters. Unfortunately, they are like potato chips (or peanuts)...you've got to read Just. One. More.

I was up into the wee hours devouring his newest and the second in the August Adams Adventures, "House of Wolves" (this AAA doesn't offer roadside assistance! I know...bad joke!).

This time, August appears at his son's school for Career Day. His thoughts are disorganized and chaotic as usual, and he can't focus for thinking of the news his ex-wife decided to dump on him the night before.

August and his attempt to present a facsimile of the rare collectible book, the Gospels of Henry the Lion, are reminiscent of Dr. Jones--Indiana Jones, that is. Received as a birthday gift from his estranged father, August lets Charlie's classmates ooh and ahh over the decorative pages.

Then, he packs up, heads out...and runs smack into deadly trouble. Who wants him dead? Why do they want him dead? And why, in the wide, wide world of books did his dad have to send him the ORIGINAL COPY?

Father and grown son reunite, ex-wife and young son travel along, and best friends are betrayed as this high octane novel takes the reader for a ride of a lifetime. The Black Vehm tend to take no prisoners...and leave them alive.

August Adams must solve the mystery of who's the head of a mysterious and ancient organization that has many similarities to Hitler's Nazi regime, find the secrets buried within the ancient manuscript, resolve the issues he still has with his ex-wife, protect his son from danger, and stay alive.

All in a archeobibliologist's days work..right? With shadows of Indiana Jones and a taste of "National Treasure", adrenaline junkies will be thrilled with this second installment in what promises to be a unique and history laced series.

I was intrigued by "Illuminated". "House of Wolves" turned up the volume for me. I can't wait until "The Deadly Hours" releases next year! I'm giving "House of Wolves" five out of five bookmarks, with a world globe as a charm, mostly because I'm wondering where in the WORLD Matt will take us on his next nearly too true adventure!

Curious about that last statement? Visit The Unsecret Society to learn more.

Happy Reading!



Tara said...

Hey Deena, I just got this book in the mail... do you think I should wait to read it until after I read the first book? Or does it matter?

tetewa said...

Thanks for introducing me to another new author!