Friday, August 29, 2008

Guest Blogger: Adventures In Odyssey The Official Guide!!


Excited! That's how I felt when I knew there was going to be an Official Guide to Adventures In Odyssey. I've been listening to the CD's since I was 8 years old. So far I have around 10 sets of CD's and I'm trying to get my parents to buy them all for me.

My mom surprised me with a copy of the book. It has 563 pages and is packed with tons of info on the programs--took me five days, but I finished it. And I learned a lot of interesting stuff about the program.

For instance, I learned how it all came together, and how it got started. I learned about people behind the show and about the characters in the shows. I also found a checklist so I can track the CD's I have and the ones I still need to get.

I enjoyed this book A LOT! If you've ever listened to Adventures In Odyssey and you want to learn all about it, this is the book for you. I just hope my mom lets me keep this copy and gets her own!

See you in the funny pages!

Book Kid
(Deena's 14 year old son)

Thanks, BK! His eyes lit up like Christmas when the book finally arrived. We're listening to the CD's from the very beginning together, and he keeps nagging me to start reading the book for myself. But there's a LOT of reading in this volume. I so appreciate Focus on the Family and Tyndale for publishing this. Encourage your own children to visit Adventures in Odyssey on a regular basis. You'll be glad you did!

Be watching for my OWN review soon!

Happy Reading!


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CherryBlossomMJ said...

I've never listened to Odyssey on CD... only on the radio and on tape. That's how it was when I was a kid. I love Odyssey. I wish I could have the whole collection for when I (prayers) have children of my own. I have the Odyssey Bible, actually both in paperback and hardback it was a fluke, Mama thought it was two different versions (grin). Many cassette tapes and a big book on the series. I do not remember what it was called, but it was many many years ago (at least ten I think...) and was like an official guide and I know I loved it. I look forward to getting my hands on more Odyssey. (Oh! and I have all of the original VHS tapes!) -- yay to VHS and cassettes! hehe