Monday, July 7, 2008

An Exclusive Interview with Allison Pittman, author of "Saturdays With Stella"!!


Remember that fun book I told you about a few days ago? The one about Stella and her obedience school training that turned into Allison's obedience training? Well, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Allison, and I think you'll enjoy her responses! So, may I introduce Allison Pittman, owner of Stella!!

1) What sparked the idea to write about Stella?

It really started with those first words from our instructor: A dog that does not trust will not obey. And then, to have our first lesson be the art of cultivating a “Quiet Time” with our dogs—15 minutes a day… I remember driving home from that first class and kind of joking about it and singing “Trust and obey / for there’s no other way / to be happy with Steeeellaaaaa…” And then God told me to stop joking around and listen. After that, the truth behind each lesson was so clear, I had to write about it. My friends begged me to…just so I’d stop talking about it!

2) I loved the "personalities" you gave each dog! What prompted that kind of creativity, and does it pop up often in your every day life?

Well, I have to tell you that the description of those dogs is spot-on. They absolutely exist, although I did change the names… The one I have the most fun with is Rex—the ultra-cool shepherd mix. He is—in dog form—the guy every guy wants to be and the bad boy every woman wants to have dated before moving on to someone more respectable.

And does this creativity pop up in my every day life? Oh, yeah. With my whole family, actually. My husband and sons keep ourselves well entertained creating inner dialogue for “interesting” strangers. The doggy-depiction is just an out-cropping from many, many years of people watching.

3) Tell my readers about some of your other published books.

Stella is my first non-fiction book—and was such a total break from my fiction. I have three historical novels—the Crossroads of Grace Series—which follows the lives of three women who find themselves living together for a year in a Wyoming brothel.

4) Any plans for more from Stella, or a similar style of book?

Hmmm…nothing firm right now, but I certainly hope so! Readers can always keep up with Stella, though, by going to my website——and signing up for my monthly newsletter. It always has a “Dog Daze Devotional” dealing with the latest lesson I learned through Stella’s big brown eyes.

5) What are you working on now?

I just finished my next novel, due out spring 2009, called Rounding Third, which has as its backdrop turn-of-the-century baseball. Right now I’m living in those rare days between projects…So I’m working on promoting the books that are out there, and waiting for God to clearly reveal the next story I’m supposed to tell for Him.

6) How's Stella doing these days?

Stella is wonderful! Our last visit to the vet, though, he said she should really lose about 8 pounds—and if you read the book, you’ll know why. All that cheese goes straight to canine hips, too, apparently. It’s summer vacation, and she absolutely hates the heat—she just kind of stares at me when I tell her it’s time to go outside, and we don’t go for our walk until well after dark. Plus, she’s a bit freaked out having the kids home all day. She’s like, Hey! What’s all this noise? It’s nap time!

7) Any plans to add more pets to your home?

Ugh. We just totally lost our minds and got a kitten. Stella’s terrified of her. Well, not terrified, but there’s a definite uneasiness. Stella and our other cat, Clancie, have always had a mutual disdain and kept a wide berth around each other. Kittens, however, know no boundaries. All of a sudden Stella’s taken on this rather fussy, eccentric auntie persona wherever kitten is concerned. Like she should be wearing a big floppy hat, pearls and lace gloves. When kitty’s flitting around, Stella looks at me saying, Can’t you do something about this? Then she huffs out of the room.

8) What's the one thing you want your readers to walk away with after reading Stella's story?

I want them to fall in love with Stella, but I don’t want it to end there. I want them to be able to take that affection, that fascination, and recognize how much more our Heavenly Master loves us!

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