Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Bone Box by Bob Hostetler


With the perfect blend of past and present, ancient and modern, Bob Hostetler has created a novel that pierces through the facade of faith to the very heart of what it means to truly follow Christ.

Randall Bullock is an archaeologist who is desperate for a find that will resurrect his crumbling career. His personal life is already a shadow of what it once was; his wife gone and his daughter distant.

On a dig in Israel, Rand finds exactly what he's looking for. Two ossuaries containing bones that may just belong to the sister-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest who condemned Jesus to death.

But does the other box contain and even more important find? With time running out, Rand rushes to have the bones and the scroll found in the ossuary authenticated and interpreted.

Tracy, Rand's nineteen-year-old daughter surprises him by making her way, alone, to Israel with news he won't like. After flunking out of college, she herself is desperate for a find of her own...a father who genuinely cares for her.

Rand's discovery opens doors for both himself and his daughter. Discoveries that will show the difference between believing and following...a difference today's Christian world desperately needs to see.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this not only enjoyable, but highly educational. Coupled with the modern telling of Rand and his dig is the imagined telling of the life of Caiaphas and his intersection with history's most pivotal character...Jesus Christ.

With skill and depth, Bob Hostetler brings Biblical accounts to life, and this story will change the way you read the Gospel accounts of Jesus. I highly recommend this novel to everyone!

I'm giving "The Bone Box" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny spade...go digging through the novel, then start hunting for your own "finds" in Scripture!

Happy Reading!


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