Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Father's Day Winners!!

Hello, reading friends!

We have two winners to announce on Father's Day...of course, neither of them are fathers, but look at it this way--both will have something to read, which will allow hubby/dad some 'alone' time on Father's Day (well, it would if they had their books TODAY, but they won't, 'cause I still have to announce the winners and then get their emails and get the point!)

So, my two winning reading friends are




Emails will be sent notifying the winners, and I'll be waiting for your responses!!

Happy Reading!



Barbara H. said...

Hi Deena -- I just wanted to let you know I don't think you're coming through on Bloglines -- I haven't seen a post of yours there since "The Minivan Years." Barb at A Chelsea Morning has been having the same problem.

Deena said...

Hi Barbara;
I just subscribed to Bloglines and's coming through for me. But I have a Feedblitz button on my blog, so maybe there's a glitch there.