Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sex and the City Uncovered by Marian Jordan


I have a confession to make...please don't hate me, okay? But, growing up, I was the good girl everybody made fun of. Did everything I was told, went to church regularly, read my Bible, shared Jesus with my friends...

...and I grew up feeling as if I'd missed out on something. Something the women on the hit HBO show, "Sex and the City" had found. Freedom to do, to be, to explore life on the edge and then to choose whatever struck their fancy.

Now, because I THOUGHT I was a chicken livered, yellow bellied goody two shoes, I THOUGHT I was just afraid...turns out, I was being protected and shielded by the Holy Spirit. And, it turns out...I DIDN'T MISS A THING.

In her book, Marian Jordan paints a vivid picture of life lived the "Sex and the City" way, and it is filled with heartache, emptiness, brokenness and shame. She herself went a different direction with her life than I chose to go, and she is now sharing her testimony with girls and young women everywhere to choose differently.

Using quotes from episodes and describing events from certain shows (not in graphic detail), Marian explains away the myths of sexual freedom, hooking up, binge drinking, happy hours, and other ways we seek to satisfy that need for something that only Someone can satisfy.

Marian also examines the life philosophy represented by each of that famous quartet of women: starry-eyed Charlotte, serious Miranda, carefree Carrie and shocking Samantha. Each, in her own way, is searching for the same thing...true freedom and acceptance in Christ.

And, although the show depicts the lifestyle as fun and carefree, Marian carefully points out the words from the characters own mouths that reveal otherwise. This is a book written and filled with wisdom, ladies!

"Sex and the City Uncovered" is also flooded with the light of God's redeeming love and packed with Scripture that points the way to Christ! I cannot recommend "Sex and the City Uncovered" highly enough.

Whether you lived the "SATC" lifestyle and are wondering 'is there more to life than this'...or you think you've got it made and nothing and no one can touch you...or you're like me and wonder if you missed out...or you're smarter than me and you KNEW you hadn't missed anything...

...this book is for YOU. I applaud Marian for her candor and her vulnerability in this book, and for the women who walk along side her and share their stories as well. I'm grateful she wrote this encouraging and (as the cover says) 'unauthorized critique' of this oh, so popular phenomenon.

And I thought, with the movie hitting the big screen, it was a good time for a review of a great book! So, I'm giving "Sex and the City Uncovered a five out of five bookmark rating, with an upside-down martini matter how you turn it, it stays upside down!

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

I am going to get this book for my daughter. So many of her friends/co-workers are living the "SATC" lifestyle and I don't want her to think she is missing out. A lotof what they do offends her and has her concerned for their welfare even if they seem like they are having a good time.
Thanks for reviewing this book.

Mocha with Linda said...

So glad to know someone is speaking out against this, and in a manner that will hopefully attract those tempted by this lifestyle. (Guess they had to switch the "in" to an "and" for copyright reasons! LOL)

Jennifer Bogart said...

Sounds like a fabulous, and much needed read Deena. I didn't live the SATC lifestyle as a grown woman, but as a young adult I did to some extent, though much milder than the show I believe. It just isn't worth it. Sometimes I wish I could take back those years before Christ, but I know that God has forgiven me for those sins - Hallelujah!