Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Tour with Having A Mary Heart in A Martha World, Gift Edition, by Joanna Weaver


We have some excellent authors in the field of women's studies, don't we? Of course, Beth Moore immediately comes to mind. And so does Kay Arthur. Oh, and I have to tell you about another favorite writer of mine...her name is Joanna Weaver.

In her book, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World", Joanna takes the very familiar story of Mary and Martha and breaks it down into bite size chunks, examining each and ever facet of this Biblical gem.

She uses personal anecdotes as well as quotes from other writers to illustrate the important point she is striving to make...to stop 'doing' in order to just 'be'. Joanna calls this a personal invitation to every woman who has ever felt she isn't enough, and wears herself out in the process of trying to become enough.

For a Bible teacher, Joanna's books are a dream! Each book is filled with side bar list and quotes, as well as those boxes of 'thoughts boiled down to simplicity' that you can meditate on for days.

Her style of writing is engaging and her presentation is practical. This is teaching that you can immediately put into practice. Joanna's knowledge of Scripture makes her instruction something you can bank on as well. Her book is filled with references to other passages of the Bible that support each point she makes.

One more thing I adore about Joanna Weaver is her transparency. She's taught me a lot about being real when I teach. Joanna helped me shed my 'Super-Christian-Woman' cloak and shield a long time ago, and it has made me a much more effective teacher, writer and speaker.

I've taught "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World", as well as "Having A Mary Spirit" and both books received high praise from our women's study groups. I highly recommend this beautiful gift edition to you. It has a place of honor on My Bookshelf!

I'm giving "Having a Mary Heart in A Martha World" the golden bookmark, and encouraging everyone to get and read a copy. Let Joanna, Mary and Martha teach you how to sit at Jesus' feet.

To win a copy for yourself, visit Joanna's blog here.

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Happy Reading!


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