Monday, June 23, 2008

CSFF Blog Tour with Kathryn Mackel and "Vanished"!!


I'm pleased to introduce author Kathryn Mackel and her 2007 release, "Vanished". Kathryn is known for writing 'Christian Chillers', and I can say without reservation that her newest novel qualifies with high marks!

In a quiet, working class neighborhood in Massachusetts, nothing much ever happens. This is why Barcester was selected for a new, high speed train line system--a system that runs underground, and is terrorist proof.


When a bomb explodes just as a rogue physics experiment occurs underground, an impenetrable mist appears. With bodies and injured everywhere in this small town, why isn't any help coming?

Cell phones and cars are dead. No one can get out to find help. And 911? Useless.

What happened when that bomb went off? Can it be fixed? Can anyone explain this unusual phenomenon, and how long will it last?

Has the entire community of Barcester simply....'vanished'?

Chilling and disturbing are two words I'd use for this tale. I'm known for my unusual taste for the edgy and creative story...and I had to put this one down every few chapters and pick up something 'lighter' just to keep my spirits up.

The mysterious mist will creep into your mind and you'll get sucked into this sleepy little working-class town. Guaranteed.

So, I'm giving "Vanished" four out of five bookmarks, with a flashlight as a charm...not that it will do you much good....bwahahahahahahahahaha!! So sorry--couldn't resist!

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but Blogger wouldn't allow it. Now I don't remember what I wanted to say! LOL

Anyway, you've given readers fair warning about this book! ;-) Thanks for participating in the tour, Deena.