Friday, April 25, 2008

I Don't Want To Go by Addie Meyer Sanders


Do you have a child who is afraid of new things? Does he or she imagine the worst and hide from challenges or new experiences? Is reluctance his or her middle name?

Then this is just the book for you and your child!

"I Don't Want To Go" is the story of Joey and his trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the first time without Mom and Dad. At every turn on his trip, Joey is faced with new experiences, to which he cries...

..."I Don't Want To Go!"

With gorgeous and colorful illustrations by Andrew Rowland, award winning illustrator, Joey's fears and fantasies are captured perfectly. But what Joey learns along with the reader is that our worst fears rarely if ever turn out to be true.

Trying new things can be a great experience, and we can end up having more fun and learning more than we'd ever imagined. For anyone who is reluctant about trying new things, going new places, and full of fears both real and imagined, "I Don't Want To Go" is the perfect book to help overcome those fears and reluctant tendencies.

This book would be perfect for homeschool families, preschool environments, and for reading aloud with your children. It's a book I think they'll want to hear or read over and over again.

I'm giving "I Don't Want To Go" four out of five bookmarks with a tiny suitcase as a charm. This book is published by Lobster Press.

Happy Reading!


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