Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How To Survive Your Teen's Pregnancy by Linda Ellen Perry and Lynellen Perry


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This is the most unique book on this topic I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing! "How To Survive Your Teen's Pregnancy" is far more than a how to book on dealing with your teenaged, unwed daughter's pregnancy. This is a devotional book, journal, and guide all rolled into one book.

Packed with Scripture, this book gives ample room for response and encourages discussion and journaling for the parents. Linda and Lynellen Perry recognize how emotional charged this kind of situation can be, but they also know that the parents' responses are pivotal in how the daughter and the family make it through this critical time.

This book walks you through the process and takes you step by step through your journey. Opening with "Hearing the Shocking News" and "The Importance of First Words", Linda and Lynellen give space to examine emotions and to map out responses and reactions in a safe and undamaging way.

Information sections such as "The Pregnancy Resource Center" and "The Doctor Appointment" follow, along with chapters that deal with healing such as "Restoring Sexual Integrity" and "Where Is God In All Of This?".

This book is designed for the entire family to use. Some topics are more for the parents, some for the teen, and some for individuals ("Talking With My Husband"). The range of topics discussed is vast, and this book is an excellent resource for any family facing this issue or who could potentially find themselves there one day.

It's time to get our heads out of the sand. As parents, we teach all we can, we pray believing our children will make it through their teen years with solid values and faith...but life can change in an instant. Preparation is wise and you can never take for granted you know what you'd do in a situation like this.

What's that old saying? "Forewarned is forearmed". You may find yourself with friends in this situation and this book will help you minister to them. If you work with teens, this is a tool you can't afford to miss out on. And for parents, we pray and hope we're never here, but for those who are, this is invaluable.

I'm giving "How To Survive Your Teen's Pregnancy" five out of five bookmarks, with a pacifier as a charm. Don't overlook this valuable resource!

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