Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lord, Change Me: Spa Treatments for Your Body and Soul by Janie Seltzer


Ever feel like a queen sized jigsaw little pieces, no rhyme or reason, and all apart? Me, too, which is why I found this little gift book SO refreshing and so timely!

Janie Seltzer's book is worth having just for the soothing pictures and images, but her writing is equally soothing. Taking various elements of a day at the spa, she applies them spiritually with tranquil and meditative results.

First, she invites us to join her at the spa, issuing an invitation to follow along as she walks us through our visit. For those who have never been to a day spa, prepare for some godly jealousy! I plan on saving my pennies for just one experience!

Then, we're encouraged to be refreshed, to absorb pleasure and then to enjoy hearing (both were eye opening sections to me...nothing new, but the way she expresses!).

She encourages us to feel soothed, bask in beauty, to receive cleansing, and finally to leave invigorated. I soaked in a soothing tub while I enjoyed this little book, and found a healing balm for my battered soul.

With all my body and emotions have been through these last several weeks, this book was a gift from my Heavenly Father, and totally sent right on time! Buy a copy for someone you know who needs refreshing. The reading is light, but full of richness and food for your soul to chew on and meditate on.

I'm giving "Spa Treatments for Your Body and Soul" six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny white, soft, fluffy robe as a charm. Pick up two copies...gotta make sure YOU get one to keep!

Happy Reading!


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jenn said...

I think I feel more relaxed just reading this review. I am definitely going to pick this up on my next trip to the book store. Thanks for sharing ;O)