Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lord, Change Me: Meet Misty Taggart, Certified Life Coach!


This has to be one of the most unique reviews I've done, but what a wonderful experience it has been! So, let me introduce to you Misty Taggart, Certified Life Coach, her e-workbook and workshop, "God, I Want To Change!" and her newest release, "Christian Journaling". We've got a lot of ground to cover, so let's get to it, shall we?


Remember that sports team you went out for in high school? How about the dramatic productions you were in? Or, if you were like me, the debate team in college?

All of these take something unique and important for success...a coach/instructor. Meet Misty, a certified life coach. What changes could you make if you just had someone to show you the way, walk by your side, and to cheer you on? Sounds good to about you??

That's Misty Taggart, and she has an amazing website called Ordinary Woman/
Extraordinary God
. Through this site and this ministry, Misty is working through the power of God's Spirit and His Word to set women free from addictions, temptations that have taken root in their lives, and tackling a subject that has become taboo in many churches in America today.

The subject? Oh, it's sin. Yup. Sin, and the need for repentance. And all of her writing is rooted in Scripture. In fact, Misty provides an abundance of Scripture for each section of her workshop and workbook, as well as Scriptures for us to memorize as we take part.

I myself wasn't able to actually participate in the teleconference portion of the workshop, but I was able to read the e-book, and I found it to be some of the most convicting AND freeing reading I've done in a long time.


In addition to the teleconference and workshops, Misty has a Christian Journaling book that is amazing. It is the most unique take on journaling that I've ever read.

Misty is very clear that this is a journal and not a diary. She defines the difference as one being about our day, and the other being about us in our day. How unique is that!

Her explanations as to the why and what of journaling for the Christian woman is filled with her heart, and even poetic in its importance. As I read her philosophy and description of what she was leading me to do, I found myself nodding my head in agreement with her, and even smiling at some of her "phrase-ology"...very creative!

She does get very detailed in the tools needed for this life long journaling project, and makes some excellent points for each piece of this process. What intrigued me the most was her use of highlighters in the process. Very cool!

All in all, I would say if I could have a life-coach, I would love to have Misty Taggart as mine. She is no-nonsense in sin being sin and repentance being vital, but she is all heart and she herself has walked the path she encourages us to walk ourselves.

I don't know the process one goes through to become a certified life coach, but just in reading Misty's writings, I would say living life is a definite criteria! I encourage you to visit Misty's website, Ordinary Woman/Extraordinary God, and to investigate the materials on your own.

I'm giving the teleconference, e-workbook and "Christian Journaling" all five out of five bookmarks, with a butterfly as a charm. May God use these materials and future conferences to set women free around the world, and flood their lives with His light and love!

Thanks, Misty!

Happy Reading!


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