Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lord, Change Me: Hush by Nicole Braddock Bromley


Sometimes, when a person writes, it takes great talent. Sometimes, it takes great faith. And sometimes, it takes great courage. For Nicole Braddock Bromley, her book demonstrates all three, and I am SO grateful for the privilege of reading her book!

In "Hush", Nicole sensitively and bravely discusses the topic of childhood sexual abuse. Without going into graphic detail (but she does go into some), Nicole chronicles her own journey through sexual abuse and God's ultimate healing power in her life.

Not only does Nicole share her story, but she shares the stories of the many, many men and women she has met on her speaking journey who have suffered sexual abuse in their lives.

Whether the church likes it or not, we must take our heads out of the sand and admit this is a rampant problem in families everywhere. With the availability of the Internet and its hotbed of pornography, the style of movies and television that is becoming infinitely popular, and the amount of walking wounded kept in silence, it is no wonder that we have this in our families and in our churches.

As Nicole says, it is time to "move from silence to healing". In the journey called "Hush", she takes us from the event, to the speaking out, to trusting God, to the forgiving of ourselves, to the forgiving of others, and ultimately to trusting others once again.

Her book not only reads like a journey, it is packed with first hand wisdom, a heart that is so huge I'm amazed the pages can contain it, and Scripture heaven sent to unlock the prisons so many live in. This is truly a masterpiece designed and anointed by God, and so timely for this generation.

And "Hush" isn't just for those who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse. I found myself weeping during certain portions of her book, having suffered from spiritual abuse and emotional abuse my entire life in some form or another. Her book opened my eyes to the need for forgiveness for myself, for those who wounded and abused me, and to let God's healing light into those dark areas I still harbor.

"Hush" needs to be on every bookshelf, in every story, and in the hands of so many, many people. Please, contact Nicole through her website and find out how you can help spread the word that those who've been abused need stay silent and trapped no longer.

Church, we need to open our hearts and arms to these wounded ones, no judgment allowed, and be the instruments of God's healing and forgiveness we are meant to be! I'm giving "Hush" the golden bookmark, and with tears of gratitude, thank Nicole for allowing God to use her in such a mighty and powerful way.

Again, for more information, visit Nicole at OneVOICE Enterprise.

Happy Reading!


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