Sunday, March 16, 2008

How To Get Your Husband To Listen To You by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby


Ever wish your husband understood you better, heard more of what you said, and was able to communicate on your level?

Ladies, I have met the enemy, and she is US! In Nancy and Connie's latest book, "How To Get Your Husband to Listen To You", these ladies make the case that we need to understand how our men communicate and then to learn to talk on their wavelength.

With personal examples from their lives and the lives of those willing to share, Nancy and Connie illustrate every point soundly and with great heart. Each chapter is an quick and easy read (kind of like the conversation style our husbands' long for!), with a summary statement at the end of each chapter (again, like our husbands' wish we came with!)

Divided into four sections, the first discusses why communication between men and women is so difficult (the authors mainly discuss husband/wife communication, but I think they would allow us to apply this across the board).

The second section is aptly titled "How You Shoot Yourself In the Foot", covering the less than stellar ways we attempt to communicate, such as nagging and nonverbal communication. Trust me, these women know that of which they speak. I often ask my husband, "Honey, are you thirsty?" which he now knows to mean "I'd like something to drink"!

Section three is all about encouragement, both to us to do it differently, and to our husbands, to demonstrate our love, trust and affection to them. It's so nice that immediately after pointing out our weaknesses, Nancy and Connie give us a look at what can be our strengths.

The book closes with some of what they call "Aha! Moments", and are refreshing, humorous, and insightful. No matter what level of communication you and your husband (or man in your life) have, this book can only help improve and strengthen it. I'm giving "How To Get Your Husband to Listen To You" five out of five bookmarks, with a shorthand book as a charm...'cause that's how they want us to give it to them:-)

Happy Reading!


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