Friday, March 7, 2008

Daring Chloe by Laura Jensen Walker


As Forrest Gump WOULD have said, had he known, "A Laura Jensen Walker novel is like a box of never know what you're gonna get." And he would have been SO right!

In "Daring Chloe", Laura has created the most lively and life-like ensemble of women I've ever read. You won't believe how I longed to be a Paperback/Getaway Girl! And you will as well...

Chloe is getting least, she was. Until the night before the ceremony, when her all too young and immature fiance chose to text her a Dear Joan message. What a catch, huh ladies?? (Word of advice to any male readers: Do Not Text A Breakup!)

So, now what will Cautious Chloe do? Compete with her perfect and perky sister, Julia? Suffer as she watches Julia and Jason unite in holy matrimony after she has been dumped oh, so painfully?

Surprisingly...nope! This is one heroine with just takes a book club of women to bring it out in her:-) Ah, the magic of books!

"Daring Chloe", believe it or not, is a book about the love of books. But it is so much richer than that. When new roommate Becca hatches a plan to live out an adventure from their monthly reading choice...what a treat to watch!

So, it's a book a month along with an adventure that you will not want to miss...very creative, Laura! This is one FUN group of ladies!

And the year of reading culminates in...well you'll see it on the cover, so I'll just tell you...PARIS! And Laura's writing is SO powerful, it is second only to going there yourself. Made me want to convince my hubby to cash in a money market and sweep me across the Atlantic!

I've been a fan of Laura's for a long time, but this is tres magnifique! Her most definite best novel to date! Unfortunately for vous, it doesn't release until June 2008 from Zondervan.

Eh, C'est la vie! Until then, I'm giving "Daring Chloe" seven out of five bookmarks, with a water lily as a charm (you thought I was going to get all touristy and use the Eiffel Tower, didn't you:-). AND I'm voting it "Best Chick-Lit of 2008!"

Now, if only I can find a book club like the Paperback/Getaway Girls!! Bonjour!

Bonne lecture (Happy Reading)!



Laura Walker said...

Hi Deena,

Wow. Just read your wonderful review of 'Daring Chloe' and wanted to THANK YOU so much for your kind words about my book. You made my day! Seriously. I really needed an uplift, so thank you for providing it. You rock!

Laura p.s. And consider yourself an honorary member of the Getaway Girls :)

Kim said...

WHY are you tempting me in March with JUNE releases!??? Cruel and Unusual indeed Deena!! This sounds awesome!