Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Songs In The Key Of Solomon by John and Anita Renfroe


As we enter February (can you BELIEVE it?), our thoughts always seem to turn to love and romance. Maybe it's because of Valentine's Day...ya think?!?

Well, I've got the perfect book for you this lovey dovey season, co-authored by one of our favorite comediennes and her hubby! "Songs in the Key of Solomon" is a hit with me, and I'm sure it will be one with you as well.

Subtitled "in the Word and in the mood", this unique devotional book is designed around what is most likely the least read book of the Bible (next to Philemon!). Built around the truth that we are mind, body and spirit, the Renfroes have created a devotional that touches each part of us, and they did so in style.

This book carries the theme of music throughout the entire devotional, with sections labeled "overture", "interlude one" and "interlude two". Written with Anita's trademark wit and humor, this book appeals to both men and women, a very good thing in a couple's devotional book!

Containing titles such as "Naked and Unashamed", "A Little Flirting Goes A Long Way", and "The Love SAT", this book will not only add spark to your marriage, but it will bring a spiritual depth and connection that is not only needed in Christian marriages, but I believe also longed for.

John and Anita reach out to both newly married couples and those with a lotta miles in marital bliss. Both John and Anita are committed to Christ and to one another, and that shows in each devotional.

Some devotionals are encouraging communication, and some take a bit more creativity. But each one is centered in God's Word. Each one opens with an activity to get you into the "rhythm" of the message, then quickly follows with a passage from Scripture, most often from Song of Solomon, but also from other books in the Bible.

Each devotional also includes a section titled, "What we hear", their commentary on the passage, quickly followed by "What you hear" for your own response to the reading. Then they close the devotionals with "extended play", and I'll leave that part up to YOU!

Please keep in mind...this is a book for MARRIED couples. Some of the activities...well, let's just say they would be WRONG for those not bound by matrimony, shall we? "Songs in the Key of Solomon" would make a great wedding gift...including some of the items used in the book would make it even more fun to give as a gift.

This unique devotional book is playful, yet serious...romantic, yet practical...and perfect for both husbands AND wives...a characteristic I find VERY appealling! So bless your sweetheart this month and get a copy of "Songs in the Key of Solomon".

I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, and including a little candy conversation heart as a charm. Now, I've gotta go find my hubby and see if I can give him "The Love SAT"!! See you later, gater!

Happy Reading!


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