Thursday, February 14, 2008

Skizzer by A. J. Kiesling


One of the dangers I face in having so much reading material to get through is the possibility of missing out on a little gem of a read. Thank goodness, I didn't miss the debut novel by new author A. J. Kiesling! And now, you won't either:-)

"Skizzer" is the story of two sisters, Claire Trowling and Becca Garrett and a legacy of family secrets that just may tear the two sisters apart.

When Rainey, Becca's husband, reports his wife's mysterious disappearance to Claire, she travels back to their childhood home in Gideon, North Carolina to begin the search.

There she uncovers the pink metal sister secret box the two of them had buried many years ago. Sure enough, a note from Becca has been placed inside the box, and something is now missing...a piece to the puzzle of the past that Claire must find and uncover in order to find her sister.

Soon both Rainey and Claire are on a search not only for Becca, but for the truth. In the end, will they find Becca? Does Becca want to be found? And will Claire discover who she really is as well?

Family secrets abound in this novel. "Skizzer" reads like a cross between "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", "Steel Magnolias", and "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe". Rich with Southern gothic atmosphere, this is also a novel of deep faith and returning to your belief in God.

It's a novel about finding out where home is, and then making your way back. "Skizzer" is a novel that transcends time and place, with frequent flashbacks to Claire's childhood and her family history, as well as changes in locale.

As one who has uncovered many family secrets myself, I can testify to the destructive nature of hiding things that will only later come out. But I can also testify, as can this novel, to God's healing power once we let what was hidden out into His light.

I enjoyed "Skizzer" (which, by the way, comes from Becca being unable to say "sister"...ironically:-), and I believe you will as well. This is a stunning debut and I for one will be highly disappointed if I don't hear more about this wonderful new author.

"Skizzer" receives five out of five bookmarks from me, with a tiny pink tin box as a charm. Pick up a copy today...actually, pick up one for you and one for a "sister" to share. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Reading!



Brittanie said...

This was a great book :)

A.J. Kiesling (Angie) said...

Deena, I'm a little flabbergasted by your wonderful review. Thanks for reading Skizzer with such little prompting--and finding it a worthy read. That, to an author, is the greatest compliment in the world. Happy Valentine's Day :-)