Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chasing Skinny Rabbits by Dr. John Trent


Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel? Or as if you're just spittin' in the wind? And at times, the wind spits back?

Well that's kind of what "Chasing Skinny Rabbits" is about (I don't mean spitting...what were you thinking??). It's about pursuing things we think we really want, need, or will bring fulfillment...

...only to leave us feeling emotionally and spiritually drained, with nothing to show for it except...well, nothing.

Dr. Trent makes the case that we have skinny rabbits all around us, and some of them are disguised as genuine needs, wants and goals. But anything that takes us off track can not only weary us, but ultimately kill us...

...kill our excitement, our creativity, our drive...and rob us of our joy.

With chapters such as "Beware the Skinny Rabbit" and "Bogs, Pits, Swamps and Caves", Dr. Trent takes a serious subject and gives it a light-hearted, mildly entertaining feel. And with the amount of burned out Christians I know and see walking around, this is a timely book for the church of today.

My only complaint is my usual one...I wish he had included more Scripture. The Book of Ecclesiastes would have been an EXCELLENT reference for this helpful book. But, now you can read the two hand in hand, as Solomon himself chased a multitude of skinny rabbits.

When the wisest man who ever walked the earth (and I'm not referring to Jesus!) can say, "There is nothing new under the sun" and can conclude "Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter: fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man,", that's saying something.

But Scripture is quoted in "Chasing Skinny Rabbits"; and Dr. John Trent has some wise things to say as well. He tackles an issue that has plagued our churches and ministries and tackles it very well in the chapter titled, "Bogs, Pits, Swamps and Caves".

I was especially pleased with his chapter titled "The Skinny Rabbit Bride" (no relation to "The Princess Bride"), dealing with women who either set themselves up to be a skinny rabbit, as well as those of us who chase after them.

But Dr. John loves us enough to not just show us what our skinny rabbits are. His chapters on "How to Identify Your Skinny Rabbit" and "Getting Off a Skinny Rabbit Trail" are excellent tools that opened my own eyes to some "wascally wabbits" of my own:-)

So pick up a copy of "Chasing Skinny Rabbits", which I give four out of five bookmarks with a rabbit's foot as a charm (couldn't resist), and chase after what REALLY matters!

Happy Reading!


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