Saturday, February 9, 2008

Betrayed by J. M. Windle


"Betrayed" by J.M. Windle is a story of intrigue and a sister's love. With an authentic voice and care for detail, J.M. Windle has written another story that will cast our eyes to foreign shores and to realize there is more to this world than us.

Anthropologist Vicki Andrews is now serving as an investigator of charitable organizations that provide aid to children in foreigh countries. While on a trip to check out Casa de Esperanza, she re-connects with her sister, Holly.

Holly works for the Wildlife Rescue Center in Guatemala City, and has suspicions that someone is stealing the exotic wildlife from the rescue center. Vicki shrugs off Holly's concerns, and later regrets not giving ear to her sister's complaints...

...because Holly turns up in the municipal dump, shot at close range and left for dead. While Vicki mourns her sister, she uncovers evidence that may lead to Holly's killer...but it may also lead the killer to Vicki.

Pieces of Vicki's past also come to light in what seem like coincidental ways, but Vicki ultimately learns that "this is her Father's world", and nothing happens by coincidence.

Watching Vicki come to terms with life in Guatemala and the countries violent history was both fascinating and horrifying. We get so "US centered" here that we have no clue what life is like in other countries. We take our freedoms for granted, and think that everyone has the luxuries we enjoy.

Like law enforcement that actually works for the people, and investigative tools that actually solve crimes--something Vicki learns first hand doesn't always exist in countries outside the United States boundaries.

Reading J.M. Windle's novels takes you out of your comfort zone and into the mission field in your mind. The world is a big, huge place and it's time believers got out of their living rooms and into the needs of others around the globe.

"Betrayed" is the latest in a long line of award winning novels by J.M. Windle that will leave you breathless with the suspense and amazed at the painstaking detail. In fact, I've heard it said that her novels ring with such authenticity that she's been questioned by authorities on just how she gains her knowledge!

Now, THAT'S great writing! So, I'm giving "Betrayed" six out of five bookmarks, with a PDA as a charm...and don't bother to ask me why, 'cause I'm not saying! You can find out for yourself when "Betrayed" releases March 2008 from Tyndale.

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

You are making me drool over this one!! Great review!

I perk up when you start handing out 6 bookmarks!


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